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Inspiring you to bloom into the best version of yourself.

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Asciidoc FX is a book / document editor to build PDF, Epub, Mobi and HTML books, documents and slides. AsciidocFX is also a winner of Duke’s Choice Award 2015 .

Figure 1. AsciidocFX - Duke’s Choice Award 2015 winner


Real-Time Preview

Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Creating Asciidoc Books

Creating Markdown Books

Creating PDF, HTML, Epub, Mobi, Odt, Docbook

Epub Viewer

External Browser Support

Table Generator

MathJax Extension

PlantUML Extension

ditaa Extension

Filesystem Tree Extension

JavaFX Charts Extension

Source Code Highlighter

Reveal.js Converter

Deck.js Converter

Nashorn support

Pseudo Terminal Emulator

Themeing (Dark White) _New _

Pseudo Terminal Emulator

There are a number of operating systems that AsciidocFX supports.

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shows the list of available builds with links for reference. If you are looking for the very latest version, visit the link in the note above to be guaranteed of downloading the latest and greatest version of AsciidocFX.

After the download is completed, untar the package in your preferred directory.

Download executable/installer and run it.

Download the and run it.

Use Homebrew-cask to install it with one command:

There are two AsciidocFX package flavors, you can download it with JRE 8 out-of-box or if you have already installed JRE 8 (Update 40 or above), you can download *No_JRE builds

PlantUML extension needs Graphviz, if you will use it, then install it:

Mac OS X

You install Microsoft Core Fonts on Linux OSes also.



If you are using Fedora, you need to install the RPM provided from this URL: mscorefonts2

You install , If you need to convert your documents into Mobi files. Once you specify the location of KindleGen executable, Mobi Service provided by AFX will be available.

Video - Writing Books with Asciidoc FX

You can fulfill your UML needs with AsciidocFX. It supports PlantUML. AsciidocFX converts this textual UML elements as png or svg image.

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is a component that allows to quickly write :

Sequence diagram,

Usecase diagram,

Class diagram,

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Ashley Stahl

Did you know thatthere are more CEO’s named Johnthan there are female CEOs combined? This article is about gender pay gaps, but this piece of information just says it all. The gender pay gap is still alive and well as we go into 2017, unfortunately.Some reports showthat it’s slowly shrinking, butother analysts claimthe change is so small (mere tenths of a percentage point) that the shrink the gap is negligible. The hard truth either way is that women still make about20% less than menfor doing the same jobs. That adds up to a whopping$10,470 less per yearthan men make for doing the exact same work. That’smore than $840 billionthat women lose in wages every year. Here are four facts about the gender pay gap that … ASOS ASOS DESIGN Maternity asymmetric one sleeve plisse dress To Buy PEB1ppjVr

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Ashley Stahl

I once had a client, Ann, who came to me in a panic right after starting a new job. Prior to our initial meeting, the company had been aggressively recruiting her for a position that sounded exciting. However, a few weeks after she accepted the job, her hours, her work location, and title were not what she and the employer had discussed during negotiations. …Sound familiar? I hear about workplace minefields like this all the time. Ann was devastated. And rightfully so—there’s nothing worse than starting a job that turns out to be completely different than you discussed with the employer. You may even bequestioning whether you should have left your last job or whether you can get your old job back. Not a fun … Read More

Originally Published in Forbes Ashley Stahl

Burnout doesn’t just affect your work life—it can have a detrimental effect on your health, your personal relationships, and your family. It’s a particularly important topic in my world, as many of my clients have come to me after being hit by the burnout train. Stress and burnout have become an epidemic in our society. In one study,80% of respondents said they experience stress at work and need help managing it. A recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed thatstress levels rose from one year to the next, with a sharp increase in those reporting that they experience extreme stress. I was so inspired by Arianna Huffington’s intention to change this during a recent conversation I had with her about her new company,Thrive … Read More

Originally Published in Forbes Ashley Stahl

I really love the resources and tips you’ve shared for minimizing social media and email distractions. I am always looking for ways to reduce this without dropping out of social media entirely. I think I have muscle memory for checking Facebook, too. I pretty much just ignore my wall now. And I had to turn off the notifications that started coming up even when I wasn’t on the page! It’s like a Pavlovian response to check it if you don’t plan otherwise.


OB @ Out of State Investor says

I totally forgot about you describing Flowstate during your FinCon presentation so thanks for the reminder! My writing process (if you can call it that) is a slurry of creating and editing which doesn’t make for the most productive writing session. So I think I’ll start with a 5 minute brain dump and maybe ramp it up. Still a frightening thought to have everything deleted after too long a pause.

Do you use a strategy or tool for tracking low-to-medium priority tasks that don’t fall under a daily or weekly to-do list? High priority and urgent tasks get my attention as I write them down (journal, post-it on computer) or put a calendar entry in red. It’s those low-to-medium tasks that float in my head or on a random journal page that gets forgotten until months later. I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


Lizzie says

Great post Paula! I’ve just started using Omnifocus and I absolutely love it! As a millennial, I can’t believe I paid $39.95 for each version but I’ve never been more productive or prompt, so it’s absolutely worth it.


Fritz @ TheRetirementManifesto says

Hey Neighbor (I just found out we’re both in Atlanta!). LOVE the “cheap whiteboard” idea, I just set a calendar appt for this weekend to pick one up at Home Depot! (setting calendar reminders is one of my productivity hacks….). GREAT tips!


Justin Stern says

I would give 1Pass a try, I switched to it from LastPass in the spring and never looked back. Probably the biggest benefit is that it’s built around teams, so I have one team with shared passwords for my business, and then a family plan for my wife and I to share passwords. I always had issues with the password synchronization of LastPass


The case file makes clear: Leitsch never attempted to interview Johnson. And it appears the detective reviewed the case under the wrong criminal classification, characterizing it as a misdemeanor, rather than a more serious felony offense.

Four criminal justice experts analyzed LMPD records of Richmond’s case at the request of the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting. The experts were unanimous: police botched the investigation.

David Stengel, who oversaw countless Louisville police investigations during his 16-year tenure as Jefferson commonwealth’s attorney, found several holes in this one. The biggest: classifying the alleged crime as a misdemeanor.

Here’s why:

Upon hearing Richmond’s story, Leitsch wrote up the initial complaint as third-degree sexual abuse , a misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for that offense is 90 days in jail and the window for bringing a prosecution is one year.

Stengel said the case should have been investigated as sexual abuse in the first degree a felony. A conviction for that offense can bring up to five years behind bars. And in Kentucky, there is no statute of limitations for a felony prosecution.

First-degree sexual abuse fits with the allegations made in the case, Stengel said. The law also states that felony sexual abuse occurs when someone in a position of authority or special trust subjects a minor to sexual contact. That specifically includes a “religious leader.”

Richmond was 17 at the time. Johnson was her pastor.

As for police not interviewing Johnson, and not consulting with Richmond herself before closing the case, Stengel said they should have done both. Other experts agreed.

David Harris, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, said sex crime allegations involving minors need to be investigated thoroughly and aggressively.

“If there's good evidence of a sex crime, this may have happened to other kids before, and letting it go means other victims may be harmed in the future,” Harris said.

Leitsch, who has since retired from the department, refused to discuss her handling of the case.

“I don’t want to do any interviews,” she said.

Louisville police officials refused to talk about Richmond’s case. They did agree in July to meet and talk generally about sexual assault investigations. But when questions turned to her case, things changed quickly. Three police officials ordered us out of headquarters. Follow-up phone calls and email requests to police were ignored.

But following our repeated inquiries to LMPD, Maranda Richmond did receive a phone call from police, 3 1/2years after they’d closed her case. On the phone, an LMPD detective asked her if she was satisfied with the initial police investigation. She was not.

The detective asked Richmond if she wanted to reopen the case. She did. And police have complied.

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